Karate Kink – UK style

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Phonesex ballbuster!

You may or may not know that I lived in Edinburgh for a few years…got my master’s degree, married a Dundonian for a couple of years, and took jiu jitsu classes. In fact, I met that Dundonian in class and turned him into my personal chauffeur within 2 weeks. O, the writing was blatantly on the wall and yet…

Ballbusting Kinkster in Martial Arts Class

Even before I got myself oriented to life in Scotland (how did I not get smooshed looking the wrong way while crossing the street??), I started attending weekly jiu jitsu classes. I was assessed at green belt level and put in with two others – a 16-stone (224-lb) burly biker dude and a nasty little weasel whose name isn’t even worth remembering. I was trying to be nice and polite about how much contact was permitted with a groin kick and he just kept saying “go ferrr it”. I didn’t need to hear that twice! I smashed the hell out of his unprotected goolies with my instep and knee every week for a year; he would turn as green as his belt but he would not back down. Weasels shouldn’t reproduce anyway. It would not surprise me to discover that he has a domination american phone sex habit after all that.

Taking a Scottish Crossdresser to task – and to wife!

Once upon a time, I was wide-eyed enough to be taken in by the novelty of a foreign accent…one that made “girlfriend” sound like it had 6 syllables. So I dated this adorably clumsy purple belt from jiu jitsu class for a few months before dragging his cute ass to the city hall and putting a ring on his finger… only to find out three days later that he had wanted so badly to be the one in the long white dress. What the fuck?? I’d married a sissy from martial arts class! And so began my adventures in erotic humiliation.


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Because my Kung Fu is better than “her” Kung Fu

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A reader recently submitted an erotic story of female domination and sissification. There is only the slightest of martial arts references – something that clearly prefaces this story – but like the writer, I get a kick out of the cultural dimension of this tale. There you can play this and other casino games for real money and WIN real jackpot!The Arabian Nights online Slot machine from Net Entertainment software will plunge you right into the special atmosphere of the East, with its mysteries and treasures.. It’s set in Japan, a country where I spent a year teaching English… and a society where the women are known/thought/expected to be submissive.

If you like this excerpt, you can head over to our Get Girlie forum (membership is free!) to read the rest of “Satoyo’s Awakening“.

Satoyo’s Awakening

SATOYO was highly excited. Finally her parents had given her permission to take the high speed train to Tokyo to see her older brother by two years, TAKESHI. She had not heard from him for over three months, and Satoyo missed him very much. In her eyes he had always been her idol and protector. She had not seen Takeshi for over five months since he moved from their little town far outside Tokyo to the big city after he had been graduated from college.

Satoyo was also very much looking forward to meeting Takeshi’s newest girlfriend KIMIKA, whom he had mentioned meeting when he first left the university. The first few weeks, Takeshi mentioned her in every phone call and letter, but then came the recent months of silence.

After Satoyo rang the bell, the door opened, and to her shock stood before her stood an astonishingly lovely young girl perfectly attired top to bottom in a French Maid’s uniform. The attractive young woman was seemingly pushing an electric vacuum and wonderful aromas of evidently dinner being prepared on the stove filled the home. “My gosh” Satoyo wondered. “Had Takeshi taken poor Kimika and turned her into some kind of household slave and/or playtoy for himself?”

For a second Satoyo’s mind wandered to her own boyfriend back home and his overbearing behavior. Then, half numb in amazement, Satoyo inspected the maid more closely. Satoyo viewed her stylish five-inch heels, slim shapely legs clad in dark stockings that were attached to flaunty lace bowed garterbelt, wasp corseted waist beneath silk, satin and lace black dress with ample décolletage of pert breast showing from the bodice.

Yet, as Satoyo began closely examining the maid’s exquisitely made-up face and hair, Satoyo’s mouth opened in shock further still. For a moment tears of fear and confusion welled in Satoyo’s eyes.

Click here to finish reading this tale of female supremacy…

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Can you keep your Karate kink a secret?

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For better or worse, you boys SUCK at hiding your hankering for a high-kicking cutie who can swing a punch and a ponytail with equal panache. Some of you ratchet up the charm, others slither around the room so that you’re right there when it’s time to partner up for drills, and the rest of you forget to be discreet about watching – you look like a caricature of a pervert with your mouth hanging open.

Don’t Wear Your Kink on Your Gi Sleeve

Don’t be one of those! We know what you’re up to. We’ve had men pretend they can’t push us off so that we lay chest-to-chest for an inordinate amount of time. We’ve experienced excessive ‘unintentional’ contact. We know that when you encourage us to kick more, you’re trying to get us to satisfy your foot fetish. And we know that when you go after the 18-year-olds it’s because the rest of us already know intuitively what a sniveling loser you are – and yeah, we can also tell when you get off on humiliation and won’t give you the satisfaction.

Hide Your Karate Kink

The best you can hope for in a real world situation is to keep your mouth shut and enjoy when something that gets your engine revved happens organically. Even if your opponent doesn’t notice what you’re up to, the others will. You’ll be gone within a week – at least, that’s been my experience. Hmm…I’m fondly remembering the dumbass who announced to the whole class that “doing jiu jitsu with Brianna is like doing the kama sutra”. He got my pointy little elbow a little too hard to his floating ribs and just couldn’t bear the shame of returning. My non-pervert classmates fought hard not to grin when that happened. Heh.

And I’ll leave you with one piece of advice:  WEAR A CUP. Because if you don’t, we’ll know when you get all inappropriately hot and bothered. And you might not make it to the end of that class intact. Then you’ll be calling me for phone-coddling instead of phone sex!

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Tap, Snap or Nap!

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Tap, Snap or Nap: that’s how most martial arts face-offs conclude. I really don’t care which one you choose either in a real-life battle or fantasy phone sex – the underlying messages each one of them sends takes on an even deeper meaning when the victor is a girl.

The Mistress Tap-out

The “tap out” is what the loser is supposed to do to indicate his surrender. He uses his hand to firmly tap the mat or his opponent. It’s usually a double slap, and it can be quite loud and fast when the loser is in acute fear or pain. Heh. Can you tell that’s the kind of tap I’m most accustomed to? You boys get so upset when you’re losing to a girl that you let me push your pain threshold to the max before you concede defeat. It’s very entertaining to watch you crawl away…

Submit nicely and I won’t SNAP you

I’ve swept your legs out from under you (what can I say – I enjoy when men literally fall all over themselves for me) and held onto your arm as you hit the ground. I’ve got my knee on the side of your face and am pressing your straightened elbow against the inside of my thigh. I press that arm back… further back… further… Your back arches to accommodate the unnatural position and then – SNAP! Your elbow is at best hyper-extended and at worst broken. You, dumbass, let it go too far because you just could NOT be seen submitting to a girl – even if that girl is a skilled femdom mistress. Did you not listen in class? Skill will trump strength.

Nap-time at the Dojo

I like leveraging a good triangle choke. Know what that triangle is made of? Two thighs and a calf, me on my back with your head and one arm trapped in the middle. Sounds a little like heaven right? *laugh* Sure…until I leverage and squeeeeeeze. I love watching your face go from pink to red to purple with your chin resting on my, ahem, other triangle. And then you go limp between my legs. You waited too long again and passed out from a blood-constricting choke. Tsk tsk. You shouldn’t have been so distracted by our intimate position.

So tell me… after reading all this, do you feel enticed to sample my colorful martial arts style of domination phone sex? Or do you find yourself protectively stroking your throat right now? Of course, if you are stroking your cock as well as your throat, I think it just might be GAME ON.


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Defeat at the feet of a Martial Arts Mistress

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If you’re going to challenge a femdom like me to a physical face-off, be prepared for the penalty. I get a kick (heh) out of hearing you trash-talk your way into a macho frenzy, until you’re willing to agree to anything for a shot to prove yourself. Yeah…prove yourself to be a clumsy fool.

Foot fetish Mistress Brianna 800-601-6975You always end up at my FEET

It doesn’t matter what style of fighting you select from my vast repertoire, there’s always a way to manipulate the battle to ensure that you land on the ground, at or under my curvy little feet. They don’t look lethal, do they? ~laugh~ And yet they just executed a karate foot sweep…or were planted square under me when I slammed my hip into you for a nice little uki goshi hip throw. It doesn’t matter how you got there – just know that when you’re down there looking up at me, it’s because I want you there. And I’ll let you up just to put you back down again to make my point that it’s not a ‘fluke’.

Tasty Toes & Savory Soles

I don’t care if you have a foot fetish or not – in fact, it’s even more satisfying to hear you whimper in distaste as you submit to the whims of your victor. By the time I’m done using your mouth as my personal foot bath, you will have a telltale bulge in your pants even as your eyes begin to stream from having half of my foot crammed down your throat. I’ll ease up and let you feast on my pedicured toes…sucking them with the attention normally reserved for a cock.

Preparing for Foot Worship on the Phone

Since technology is not quite at the point where I can stick my foot through the screen, there are props you can have with you for this type of phonesex. Baby carrots work very well as toe substitutes. And for the sole of my foot – put your hands between your legs, naked, and clamp together to build up a little damp heat. If you have access to women’s shoes – and I don’t care if it’s your grandmother’s – get it. You’ll be slobbering all over the insole while I enjoy hearing you moan, tongue out.

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